The Peter C.R. Edwards Memorial Scholarship

Founded in 1963 by the late Peter Edwards, Nexia Edwards Marshall has been on a steady upward journey to becoming one of the most highly respected accounting and business services firms in South Australia.

The Peter C.R. Edwards Memorial Scholarship enables a student who has just completed their Year 12 studies to gain an insight into possible career opportunities in the accounting profession.

Due to our size and dedication to greatness, we have the capacity to provide clients with access to a number of professional and technical services. We have experts and opportunities within the areas of audit and assurance, business consulting, financial planning, forensic accounting and mining and energy advisory. Wherever your interests lie, Nexia Edwards Marshall can provide a path to explore them.

The scholarship allows you to interact with our staff to experience the working life of professional accountants within all areas of the firm. As part of this process, we also gain the opportunity to assist and guide you through your tertiary studies and career development.

Nexia Edwards Marshall invites students who are enrolled into Commerce related tertiary studies to apply for the Peter C.R. Edwards Memorial Scholarship. The value of the scholarship over a three-year period, including paid employment for a minimum of four weeks at the end of your first and second year of studies, is approximately $8,000.

The successful applicant will receive progressive payments of the scholarship during the year. It is also expected that, to continue to be eligible for receipt of the award, recipients will successfully complete all enrolled subjects during the course of the year.