Mar 21, 2024 / News

Business succession planning

At some point, many business owners decide to exit their business for various reasons, such as retirement, pursuing other opportunities, or unforeseen circumstances. Regardless of the reason, having a well-thought-out succession plan in place can make the transition easier to navigate and ensure the longevity and success of your business. Read more

Business Advisory / Business Succession / Transition to Retirement

Mar 14, 2024 / News

How to minimise risks in a business

Many businesses implement risk management plans to assist with managing and minimising risks in everyday business operations. A risk management plan recognises these risks and provides a strategy to deal with them should they occur. It is essential to be proactive, develop a plan, and identify the potential risks of the business, as it will help reduce the challenges should a potential risk occur. Read more

Business Succession / Risk Management / Risk Management for Business

Mar 06, 2024 / News

Tax challenges with relationship property settlements

Sometimes, life happens where things don’t work out. Relationship breakdowns are never easy, and the last thing anyone wants is to find out that their property settlement comes with an unexpected tax liability. Read more

Matrimonial Property Settlements / Property / Selling Property

Mar 04, 2024 / News

Beyond the Numbers | Edition 13

Beyond the Numbers, our monthly newsletter brings you a summary of the latest developments from local and international standard setters and regulators. Read more

Beyond the Numbers / International News / Local Reporting

Feb 13, 2024 / News

Not-For-Profit Newsletter - Edition 19

Welcome to the newest edition of our Not-for-Profit Newsletter. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the content of this Newsletter. Read more

ACNC Activities / Not for Profit / Not for profit News

Feb 09, 2024 / News

Great people: Welcome to Cassandra Daniells

We are pleased to announce that Cassandra Daniells has joined us as Director, Audit and Assurance. Read more

great people

Feb 05, 2024 / News

Defining the purpose of your business and gaining team buy-in

In today's competitive and constantly changing business environment, understanding the core purpose of your business and ensuring your team is aligned with your vision is key to success. 2 essential components of success are defining your business's purpose and securing your team's commitment and buy-in. Read more

Business Advisory / Business Strategy / Business Succession

Feb 05, 2024 / News

Beyond the Number | Edition 12

Greetings and welcome to the inaugural issue of Beyond the Numbers for 2024. This monthly newsletter is designed to provide you with a concise overview of the most recent updates from local and international standard setters and regulators. Read more

Beyond the Numbers / International News / Local Reporting / Regulations

Jan 29, 2024 / News

Modified Stage 3 tax cuts – Bonus tax saving if you act before 1 July?

The Stage 3 tax cuts that take effect from 1 July 2024 seem to be the tax world’s Barbenheimer – widely anticipated with much fanfare, whilst also sparking some different opinions. Read more

Tax Cuts / Taxation / Taxation Consulting

Jan 25, 2024 / News

Succession planning – Ensuring the legacy of family-owned wineries

The wine industry, with its rich history and tradition, is often a family affair. Many vineyards and wineries have been passed down through generations, each adding their unique touch to the family legacy. Read more

Business Succession / Succession Planning / Wine Industry

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