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Initial Public Offerings Report - Q2, 2017 FY

We are happy to present our quarterly review of the mid-market IPOs on the ASX. 

The focus of the analysis is on the current quarter and the immediately preceding 12 months with the aim of providing you with an overview of the current mid-market IPO activity.

In our analysis we have looked at IPOs that had an enterprise value of less than $200m at the time of listing.  We have also provided some further detail on the cost of IPOs broken down by market capitalisation and the performance of IPOs occurring in the last twelve months by significant sectors.

Key highlights are:

  • There were 29 IPOs for mid-market companies in the quarter, the most in the last five years
  • Information technology, continues to be the most active sector with 7 IPOs in the quarter and mining related was the second most active sector with 6 IPOs in the quarter
  • The financials sector showed a significant increase in activity recording 5 IPOs in the quarter.  Prior to this period the sector had only recorded 2 IPOs in the previous 12 months.
  • Mid-market companies raised $439m on the ASX in the quarter; the highest since Q2 2015 
  • The average IPO fundraising was $15.1m which is a 37% decrease on the previous quarter and 17% decrease compared to the average of $18.2m over the last 12 months
  • On average transaction costs (excluding brokerage fees) decreased by 23% to $234,411 

Please download the full report here.

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