Apr 20, 2022 / News

Information Technology

The New “.au” - The Impacts of the New Domain Name

What you need to know:

The governing body of domain names launched “.au” domains. This means you could simplify your website’s URL from “” or “” or “” address (etc.) to just “.au” (for example “” could become “”)

However, if you don’t register your company’s interest before 24 September 2022 another business could purchase it. Which means, if you currently have a domain name for your website and emails (for example “”) someone else could register “”, which could lead to your clients being directed to someone else’s website.

There is no guarantee that another business will take your name, however for just a small fee you can remove the risk (and the potential hassle in the future - as it might be hard to obtain / purchase).

Then what happens?

All new “.au” domain names that correspond to an existing third level “.au” domain name will be reserved until 24 September 2022.

Holders of existing third level “.au” domain names (for example “”) will need to apply for their direct “.au” domain. 

Where there are valid “”, “”, “” etc. domains all wanting “” there is an arbitration process to resolve who gets the domain.

After 24 September, if no applications have been lodged for the “.au” domain, it will become available to the public to purchase.

What are my next steps:

If you are looking to purchase your ".au" domain name, please contact your web hosting provider or our IT Manager, Andrew Grgic, can assist.

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