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Wine Export Grants Program - Round Two

In conjunction with the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package, Wine Australia is offering $1 million towards Wine Export Grants to support small and medium-sized enterprises to secure new international distribution channels.

Details of the Grant

Eligible wine producers can claim up to $25,000 in the form of a reimbursement of eligible expenses incurred for certain export promotional activities. Eligible applicants can apply for reimbursement of up to 50% of total eligible expenses incurred on or after 1 July 2020, plus an allowance of AUD$350 per day for all ground and incidental costs, capped at 14 days.

The $1 million grant funding will be available between 17 August 2020 and 1 May 2021 or until funding is exhausted, whichever comes first.

Who is Eligible?

A wine producer in Australia may apply for the grant if they pass the following conditions:

  • Had an aggregated turnover of less than AUD$20 million together with an export turnover of less than AUD$5million in the 2019-20 financial year; and
  • Actively promote your Australian wine product for export.

What are Eligible Promotional Expenses?

Eligible expenses include specific expenditure on export promotion activities undertaken on or after 1 July 2020. 

These specific promotion activities include:

1. Travel expenses for a single promotional visit to an export market, including;

  • Airfares – 50% of flight value capped at AUD$2,500 per flight;
  • Taxi fares to and from Australian airports;
  • Departure taxes incurred overseas; and
  • Incidental visa costs incurred.

2. Free samples provided

Calculated as wholesale selling price of goods provided up to AUD$5,000 including incidental freight and transport costs incurred.

3. Trade fairs , seminars and promotions

Costs for promoting the product in an international trade fair, seminar, international forum, private exhibition or online (includes virtual and streaming promotions) in an international market. This also includes the cost of having an individual represent the applicant in an international market.

4. Marketing and advertising collateral

Promotional material intended for an international audience, including brochures, videos, advertising, website development and live streaming. This also includes the logistical costs associated with distribution of the materials.

For additional information on eligibility please visit here.

Key Considerations

  • The AUD$350 per day allowance forms part of the maximum grant amount of AUD$25,000
  • You can claim expenses across multiple export markets
  • All expenses must be incurred on or after 1 July 2020
  • You and any of your associated producers are only eligible for one grant
  • You cannot claim the following:
    • 1. GST component of any incurred expenditure
    • 2. Expenditure which isn’t promotional related including salaries, commissions or discounts
    • 3. Promotional or advertising expenditure activity within Australia
    • 4. Expenditure related to travel insurance
    • 5. Expenditure relating to incidental or on-ground costs which would be covered by the daily allowance
    • 6. Expenditure which will be funded or reimbursed by a third party other than Wine Australia.

Can I Receive Both the Wine Export Grant and Export Market Development Grant?

If you are receiving the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) for existing export market activities you may not be able to receive the Wine Export Grant as per point 6 of expenses you cannot claim above.

However, you should contact Austrade in relation to your EMDG scheme to confirm whether they will exclude activities reimbursed by Wine Australia. This means you could receive a reimbursement from Wine Australia and still participate in the EMDG scheme for the remaining costs.

Key Dates

Applications Open: 17 August 2020

Applications Close: 1 May 2021, or exhaustion of funds, whichever comes first

Decision on Eligibility of Application: Within four weeks of receipt of an application

Payment of Grant Funds: Within four weeks of application being approved

Where can I apply?

Applications need to be made directly with Wine Australia through their grant application online portal which can be accessed here.

If you would like further information or assistance with your grant application, please contact Raoul Stevenson or your Nexia Edwards Marshall Advisor.

The material contained in this publication is for general information purposes only and does not constitute professional advice or recommendation from Nexia Edwards Marshall. Regarding any situation or circumstance, specific professional advice should be sought on any particular matter by contacting your Nexia Edwards Marshall Adviser.