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Kyle is a Senior Adviser within Edwards Marshall Financial Solutions.

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Approachable, down to earth and a good problem solver are the essential qualities that Kyle brings to his work with every client. His approach of listening to clients and their individual motivations and aspirations, allows him to really uncover what matters most to them. When Kyle’s not in the office, he is spending time with his three young kids and playing music and travelling the country in The Timbers Band.

Formal qualifications

Kyle holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Accounting from the University of South Australia. As part of his degree Kyle also completed financial planning related subjects which gave him his basic RG 146 qualifications. Kyle has also completed Kaplan’s Diploma of Financial Planning, their Self-Managed Super Fund course, Gearing and Margin Lending course, and successfully passed the FASEA exam. Kyle recently participated in Barry La Valley’s life-first advisor program where he was mentored by the world leading advice educator from Canada.

Professional expertise

Financial planning for families and business owners

Kyle has amassed 16 years of award-winning professional services experience working with clients as an advisor but also as a tax consultant in his early years.

His honest and authentic nature is complemented by his strong technical skills and this balanced approach has enabled him to achieve great results for his clients in terms of growing family wealth, protecting livelihoods and assets, managing change and conflict and motivating clients to live their best lives. He enjoys visiting clients’ businesses and homes where possible to best understand their situation.


In his 16+ years working in financial services he’s developed a niche for working with business owners, especially those within the agribusiness sector, and formed a passion for assisting rural clients with their financial needs, who may otherwise be forgotten due to their remote location. A family man with three kids, he grew up in the country, raised by small-business owners, and has previously owned a small sheep property himself – so he understands the challenges of running a business and providing for family. 



Assisted managing the proceeds from a farm sale to grow wealth but also manage tax

Process and outcome

Kyle worked with a client and their accountant to get an extra $1.5M into their SMSF via utilisation of small business CGT concessions for a pre-CGT asset. This strategy wasn’t initially on their radar as there was no tax to pay anyway, however Kyle identified an opportunity that has resulted in tax saved on investment earnings of about $30K p.a. Meanwhile the clients’ investments have grown over time whilst helping fund their cost of living allowing them to step further away from their business.


Helped a client recoup over $10K of unpaid rent

Process and outcome

With a focus on holistic conversations with clients, Kyle uncovered that his client was owed over $10K in unpaid rent which was then over 6 months behind. This tenant had no ability (that they knew of) to repay this, Kyle suggested given the tenants age that maybe he had the ability to access super. In a matter of weeks, the client had received the outstanding rent.


Successfully appealed a Centrelink debt

Process and outcome

The client had gone through a divorce and was in receipt of a disability support pension. This client’s situation had always been managed in a way to optimise her Centrelink entitlements whilst growing wealth via super (non-assessable asset). A debt was raised for over $10K in over paid entitlements. Kyle was able to work with the client, Centrelink, and a bank to prove what her asset position had been historically, and Centrelink were happy to withdraw the debt.