Financial Planning

Our aim is to guide you on the path to achieving your financial goals.

We start the financial planning process by gaining an understanding of your current financial position and of your short and long term goals in relation to lifestyle, family needs, working life and retirement plans.

Once we understand your particular goals, we develop a personalised strategy and plan that is appropriate for you. That strategy will take into account the amount of risk that you are comfortable with embracing. Some clients are comfortable with high-risk, large return strategies; other clients prefer more certainty that they will not lose any of their capital.

What makes us great?

We consider that our extensive experience, diverse backgrounds, our requirement for our advisers to have a high level of education coupled with our strong understanding of taxation sets us apart in the financial planning space and allows us to deliver clever, highly thought out and considered solutions.

How does this help you to be great?

At Edwards Marshall Financial Solutions (EMFS) you benefit from objective, specialist advice within a holistic financial framework. Our team has the combined intelligence and resources to assist you in assessing your financial health and selecting the right strategies, structures, products and investments to develop a financial plan that suits your individual goals and life-stage.

We embrace knowledge and have high internal standards. This is reflected in the financial plans we prepare and you can be confident that we know what we are talking about. We charge using a ‘Fee for Service’ structure which means that we focus on the quality of our service rather than a percentage of your portfolio. The service and corresponding fee is tailored to your personal situation.

We understand life changes. Regular reviews are designed to meet changing goals, personal circumstances and life-stages – as well as taking the time to communicate market conditions, investment products, tax laws and legislation changes. All of this ensures your financial plan remains current, sound and achievable.

It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your situation is, we can (and want to!) help you to achieve your goals. We use our integrated knowledge and experience to provide you with a tailored financial plan that meets all your stated objectives.

About us

EMFS was formed in 2001 originally to service the financial planning needs of the clients of Nexia Edwards Marshall, Chartered Accountants. In addition, we now service clients referred by other accounting firms, lawyers and clients who are not serviced by Nexia Edwards Marshall. We manage funds totalling about $550m on behalf of clients.

EMFS is a  corporate representative of Edwards Marshall Advisory Pty Ltd (EMA), ABN 18 600 878 555, AFSL 479792. Edwards Marshall Advisory Pty Ltd holds the licence to provide financial planning services and product advice. EMFS has three individual authorised representatives of Edwards Marshall Advisory Pty Ltd. They are James Scott-Young, Grant EdwardsSteven Wild and Yvonne Hu.

Key contacts

Steven Wild

t: +61 8 8139 1135
m: +61 419 837 145
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Grant Edwards

t: +61 8 8139 1146
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James Scott-Young

Senior Financial Adviser
t: +61 8 8139 1194
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