Information Technology

Everyone in business today understands the huge impact emerging technologies have made.

The amount of information requiring professional management continues to multiply. The media used to provide and receive this information are rapidly evolving and the effort required to successfully deliver technology solutions is ever increasing.

The development of business requirements, engagement of key stakeholders and the understanding of critical risks is paramount in ensuring the success of key projects in any part of the business. Investment in the robust development of the project concept and the application of a strong project methodology is central to delivering a successful outcome.

Information technology represents an opportunity gained or lost.


We have created a specialised service that not only helps our clients manage, interpret and deliver electronic information, but also enables them to use technologies to their best advantage.

Areas of expertise include:

  • system implementation and design
  • system implementation and project management
  • project governance and Steering Committee support services
  • project risk assessment reviews
  • project assurance reviews
  • network security auditing
  • network security implementation and design 
  • business process improvement
  • hardware and software acquisitions
  • cloud computing
  • internet connectivity
  • intranet
  • electronic business and commerce
  • practice management systems
  • mobile computing
  • business continuity or disaster recovery planning.

Key contacts

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Benjamin James

Senior Manager
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