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Nexia Edwards Marshall is an independent South Australian based firm of Chartered Accountants, using the Nexia International trademark under licence.

Nexia Edwards Marshall is affiliated with, but independent from, Nexia Australia Pty Ltd, which is a member of Nexia International, a worldwide network of independent accounting and consulting firms.

Benefits for our people

Nexia Edwards Marshall's participation in Nexia Australia provides opportunities for our people through training and interaction with like-minded professionals.

Training is mainly focused on accounting and assurance standards, income tax and professional competency.

Regular interaction with interstate colleagues on technical issues supports the advice we provide to our clients.

Our people participate in national discussion groups on our main technical competencies, including assurance, tax and forensic accounting/corporate transactions.

Through Nexia Australia, our developing professionals come together with others from around Australia and New Zealand to develop their broader professional capability and rapidly advance their careers.

Benefits for our clients

Firms affiliated with Nexia Australia are like-minded and similarly sized – and they seek to be Agile, Accessible, Advancing. This matches the Nexia Edwards Marshall way of doing business.

From time to time, when a matter is outside Nexia Edwards Marshall’s capabilities, we are free to engage our Nexia Australia colleagues for support.

When we come together, we form an even greater assembly of talent, with a common focus on clients’ needs.

Our clients benefit from all these connections, as well as from a wider network of technical resources, experience and capabilities.

Benefits for our firm

Our involvement with Nexia Australia enables us to benchmark our activities against those of our interstate colleagues. This gives us valuable insight into our business practices, business initiatives, and the client services we provide.

Nexia Edwards Marshall markets its unique capabilities collectively with Nexia Australia, providing an even more comprehensive service offering. 

Please see the Nexia Australia website for more information.