Our purpose is to connect you with your true potential, by giving you the accounting insight, advice, and support you need to navigate to success.

When we look at businesses, and the people in them, we see potential. We don’t just see where you are, we see where you could be. We don’t just see problems, we see opportunities. While we’re in the business of accountancy and advice, we’re actually in the business of people. We believe that when great people are aligned – great things happen.

We have built a culture around ensuring the success of our clients by seeing the potential within businesses and the people in them and we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we create.

Why be good when you can be great?

The simple equation of great people + great clients, is what we believe makes Nexia Edwards Marshall a truly a great firm.

We believe that our people are our most important asset and we are committed to ensuring our people possess both the expertise and professionalism to drive their careers and ultimately, contribute to the overall success of the firm.

At Nexia Edwards Marshall, you have the opportunity to work with exceptional, passionate people who enjoy what they do and are committed to achieving outstanding results.

Combined with our equation are our great expectations! They’re our guiding values that support our equation and our drive our culture!


We dare to be different and challenge the norm: change is not feared it is an aspiration.


We are committed and passionate about providing the greatest standard of service to our clients, each other and the community.


Interaction with our clients, each other and our community provides the motivation to be great at everything we do.


We understand and respect the value that differences add to our clients, our people and the community.


Ownership and responsibility are embraced at every level. Challenges are seen through to resolution.


Our people are savvy and switched on - they have solutions!

One of our greatest strengths has always been the ability to share our expertise and knowledge with our clients. Our people and our clients combine to create a truly unique, committed and respected firm.

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Are you ready to build a career that is all about you? | Nexia Australia and New Zealand Careers from Nexia Australia on Vimeo.