WGEA Employer Statement Feb 2024 – Nexia Edwards Marshall and Nexia Edwards Marshall NT

Nexia Edwards Marshall is recognised as a hub for empowerment and inclusivity, we offer a welcoming and diverse culture where your story, potential and hard work is not only seen - it’s celebrated.

Our gender pay gap results speak for themselves. Evidence of the analytical approach our leadership team take when reviewing salaries. We strive to ensure:

  • pays are equitable and fair
  • we are compensating and rewarding the incredible professionals within our team. 

Would you expect anything else from a firm of great accountants?

The Detail

Our median gender pay gap is -3.8% (in favour of women) in comparison to a positive accounting services industry comparative gap of 6.8% (in favour of men). 

We do not pay our people more or less based on gender; any discrepancies are from market demands for unique skills and qualifications, or, from the composition of the gender split overall or gender split across different types of roles.

We have a very high concentration of women (79%) in the upper middle pay quartile (by pay quartile) which is a key driver for the negative median result. 

Overall, the gender split across Nexia Edwards Marshall and associated entities at date of reporting was: 61% Female, 39% Male.

Once outliers are added back in, our mean (average) gender pay gap is 3.3% in comparison to the accounting industry mean of 14.4%. Outliers in our organisation are few, but are predominantly men with unique and highly skilled roles within the organisation.

The Plan

Gender pay gap is only one measure of equality and we are continuing to look at a number of indicators and strive for year-on-year improvements. We are committed to improving other measures including:

  • Gender compositions of our Partnership Group and Key Management Personnel through recruitment and advancement
  • Consultation with employees on issues concerning gender equality in the workplace
  • Further utilisation of our flexible work arrangements
  • Increased benefits that support equality. Benefits that are valuable and meaningful to our team, including our Paid Parental Leave policy launched in September 2023.

Improvements around equality have been embedded into our strategic planning but we are not just bystanders to change, and many improvements have already been realised.

Lets Talk

At Nexia Edwards Marshall we are incredibly proud of our values-based culture – prioritising our values over profit margins to make a positive impact. Our teams work with integrity, trust, respect and honesty. We're proud to genuinely support each other and work together to make a positive impact.

If you would like to talk further about what it is like to work with us at our great firm Nexia Edwards Marshall please reach out.

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Managing Partner
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Human Resources Manager
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