Mining and Energy Advisory

The mining and energy industry is an important growth industry in South Australia and is a significant contributor to growth and employment throughout Australia.

Nexia Edwards Marshall’s Mining and Energy Advisory team has the capability and experience to provide independent high quality services in the areas of oil and gas accounting, joint venture accounting, royalty compliance, specialised assurance services, taxation and financial reporting.

We have also worked with our clients on the development of greenhouse data management and reporting systems and the provision of carbon pricing advice to support compliance and disclosure obligations that have emerged in the area of Clean Energy.

Our team also assists clients with change and process management related to the introduction of systems related to the energy and resources industry as well as working with clients in the area of economic planning and forecasting.

What makes us great?

Nexia Edwards Marshall has developed a specialised and experienced team that is dedicated and responsive with wide ranging skills across many aspects of the mining and energy industry. Many of our clients require broad-ranging services and accordingly benefit from our ability to provide a cross functional service. Additionally, our team has worked extensively in both industry and practice which ensures that the services that we provide blend an industry perspective with great external insight.

How does this help you to be great?

With a diverse number of clients across the state, our team possesses the technical knowledge and industry expertise to tailor a solution to suit your needs. By utilising our services you gain access to experienced professionals with an industry mindset.

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