Oct 30, 2023 / News

Forensic Accounting / Year in Review

A Year in Review - Forensic Accounting

We are pleased to present our Year in Review snapshot for the Nexia Australia Forensic Accounting team.

At Nexia Edwards Marshall, we are leaders in the provision of Forensic Accounting services. Here is an summary of how our specialists in the Nexia Australia network have assisted our clients and the Courts in commercial and personal disputes.

Our Forensic Accounting team are highly skilled in the provision of accounting expert and consulting expert witness services in commercial disputes, and share and business valuation services for commercial purposes and disputes, particularly, family law.

Over the last 12 months, Nexia Australia firms have carried out more than 50 such significant engagements.

Download our 2023 Year in Review here.


Over the past 12 months

For commercial and legal disputes in the 2023 financial year we provided numerous expert accounting and valuation services, including:

  • unpaid royalties on sales under a royalty agreement (Supreme Court);
  • the date of insolvency for the purposes of potential insolvent trading and voidable unfair preference payments (Supreme Court);
  • mining royalties for land use paid to an Aboriginal group and the distribution to subgroups (Supreme Court);
  • vendor warranties in a share sale and purchase agreement for a private equity firm that purchased a packaged food manufacturing business;
  • a shareholder dispute regarding a building supplies business and (alleged) minority oppression (Supreme Court and Mediation);
  • a shareholder dispute regarding a regional grain port and associated infrastructure and entities (Federal Court);
  • response and critique of opposing expert report in alleged breach of non-compete clause case (District Court);
  • a partnership dispute in respect of a farming enterprise (Family Court); 
  • reviewing and investigating  various matters including cryptocurrency transactions (District Court), wages and payroll underpayment, the wage records and trading hours of a business (District Court), fair market salary assessment for a business proprietor, procurement processes and controls, related party transactions and (alleged) non-compliance with regulatory governance and funding requirements and a funding agreement between a contractor and local/district council, respectively; 
  • a real estate agent trust account - appointment as administrator (by the State); 
  • a commercial lease dispute in respect of a hospital and amounts owing by a tenant/lessee under the lease; and 
  • economic loss claims arising from various matters including (alleged) employee fraud, misrepresentations made by a pet food business vendor, a hospitality business as a result of a wall collapse, a car parking boundary dispute and motor vehicle accidents (including a business providing charter boat rentals, services and tours out of Hong Kong). 

For family law in the 2023 financial year we provided numerous valuations and expert accounting services, including:

  • asset tracing;
  • bar/nightclub and distillery business;
  • bulk transport business;
  • engineering and fabrication businesses;
  • eye surgery medical practice;
  • farm machinery retail business;
  • materials, transportation and construction services group;
  • motor vehicle mechanic business;
  • property development group;
  • real estate agency;
  • security services and products business;
  • seed wholesale and retail business;
  • software implementation business operating in Australia and America;
  • specialist gym;
  • urban planning business;
  • urologist medical practice; and
  • visual effects production business for the film and advertising industries. 

The material contained in this publication is for general information purposes only and does not constitute professional advice or recommendation from Nexia Edwards Marshall. Regarding any situation or circumstance, specific professional advice should be sought on any particular matter by contacting your Nexia Edwards Marshall Adviser.