Within the Nexia Edwards Marshall Business Consulting division we offer expertise in the following fields:


Accountants form an integral part of any business. Nexia Edwards Marshall is committed to providing our clients with smart accounting advice. By understanding our clients’ businesses we can offer informed, professional and timely judgements to ensure their businesses enjoy the greatest possibility for success.

Many of our clients value our commitment to their businesses and see us as an important part of their ongoing success and performance.


We have a dedicated bookkeeping team which can provide you with services tailored to your needs.

We assist clients daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Even for periods of increased workloads of absence of key staff.

Our team can assist with tasks including:

  • bank reconciliations
  • entering debtors, creditors and payments
  • payroll (including salary sacrifice and other common deductions)
  • closing periods, including detailed reconciliations
  • maintenance of asset registers and inventory ledgers
  • budgeting and forecasting
  • reporting.

Business acquisitions

After much deliberation you have come to the conclusion that you wish to purchase a business. Whether you are buying a business for the first time or you want to grow an existing business there are a number of issues that need to be considered to ensure you are buying the right business for the right price and that you are fully aware of the risks associated with the transaction. 

Our team can work closely with you throughout any acquisition process. The key areas we can assist is outlined below:

  • research and identify investment opportunities
  • approach business’s on your behalf to maintain confidentiality
  • assess what the business may be worth and identify any potential synergies with any existing business(s)
  • consider of the appropriate structure for the acquisition from a taxation and asset protection perspective
  • liaise with the seller on your behalf in relation to any information provided and assist with the preparation of an indicative offer or term sheet
  • provide a detailed due diligence checklist, review information provided, identify key areas of concern and consider appropriate actions, impact on valuation
  • assistance with the preparation and negotiation of sale documents including ensuring appropriate representations and warranties are in place to protect the purchaser.

Business sales

After many years of hard work and most likely plenty of sacrifices, the decision to sell your business can be both emotional and stressful. However, as this represents a one off opportunity to reap the rewards of a lifetime of effort, you need to ensure you have the right team behind you.

It is never too early to start planning your business exit. Nexia Edwards Marshall looks to maximise your reward from your business nest egg.

Our team will work with you to manage the sale process to maximise the probability of a successful outcome while minimising the impact on the daily operation of your business.

The key areas we can assist is outlined below:

  • preparation of the business for sale including an assessment of all aspects of the business that will increase your probability of a successful sale at a realistic price. This is likely to include an assessment of the quality of financial information, forecasts, business plans, key selling attributes and business risks
  • understanding what your business is worth
  • consideration of the appropriate structure for the sale from a tax perspective
  • identify potential investors and consider criteria such as ability to pay, synergies and cultural fit
  • preparation of marketing documents and information to be provided to buyers as part of the marketing and due diligence phases of the sale
  • assistance with the preparation and negotiation of sale documents
  • management of the sale process to ensure it is completed in a timely manner with minimal disruption to the business. This includes managing the marketing and due diligence process to ensure all buyer contact is through our team to avoid disruption to the business owners. 

Cloud accounting

The cloud is a platform that makes data and software accessible online. The cloud is effectively your online ‘C Drive’ – a place to store information.

Most businesses are already using the cloud on a daily basis – internet banking, web-based email such as Hotmail, services such as Dropbox and marketing via Facebook or Twitter are all examples of how the cloud is commonly used in business.

To find out more please visit Cloud Accounting

Corporate governance

Many of our Partners also use their expertise by giving back to the community by being involved on Boards of not-for-profit organisations and some of our partners are Board Members of great organisations.

The mechanics and processes by which organisations are controlled and decided can be crucial to the success of the organisation.

These skills and expertise gained from the various boards we observe and form part of mean we have the capability to assist you with:

  • board and management relations
  • board member remuneration calculations
  • board performance evaluations
  • board strategy planning, including workshops and presentations
  • compliance
  • conflicts of interest
  • development of and training on directors responsibilities
  • development of board competencies
  • development of governance policies and procedures
  • directors and officers insurance
  • establishment and management of committees
  • assistance with managing insolvency
  • leadership training
  • minute taking
  • preparation of reports for board meetings
  • processes, administration and expectations for successful board meetings.

Digital strategy

The digital revolution requires your business to have a ‘great’ and active online presence. Your online reputation is just as important as your offline, if not more so due to its reach.

At Nexia Edwards Marshall, we understand the fundamental principles behind successful digital campaigns and are currently involved in assisting clients to develop their own online presence.

To find out more please visit Digital Strategy

Estate planning

We can assist with all aspects of prudent estate planning.

Estate planning is more than just preparing a valid Will. Estate planning is a way of ensuring that the assets you control are passed onto your beneficiaries in the most financially efficient and tax-effective way possible. This is essential to protect your assets and your family.

A good estate plan will:

  • ensure the ownership and control of your assets passes to your intended beneficiaries in the right proportions
  • minimise tax payable on the income and capital gains earned on those assets
  • protect assets if a beneficiary is involved in any legal difficulties (for example, bankruptcy or divorce).

Essentially, a good estate plan can provide you with peace of mind and help avoid potential complications for your beneficiaries.

The main issues that we help you consider in estate planning include:

  • taxation consequences
  • superannuation and the use of Binding Death Benefit Nominations
  • protection of assets from creditors of your beneficiaries
  • protection of beneficiaries from themselves if they are not capable of managing funds
  • family law issues
  • ownership and control of assets
  • potential claims that might be made by family members contrary to the testator's wishes.

Our specific estate planning services include:

  • review of Wills and assist with instructions to lawyers in relation to the preparation of
    • Wills
    • enduring Power of Attorney
    • Powers of Guardianship
  • calculating capital gains tax cost bases
  • advice to executors
  • advice to guardians for children
  • creating testamentary trusts
  • accounting and tax compliant services for Estates and Testamentary Trusts
  • acting as Executors
  • applying for Anti-Detriment Payments from the deceased’s superannuation fund where appropriate.

Should the need arise we have considerable experience and expertise with the administration of deceased estates including preparation of financial statements and tax returns, acting as Executors, distributing assets and assisting the executors with management of the estate.


There are a number of government grants, loans and incentives that many businesses may be unaware of. Nexia Edwards Marshall is committed to providing our clients with access to all federal, state, local and special purpose grants available to them.

We can provide advice on identifying and assessing the eligibly of available grants and provide assistance with application for grants.

Information technology 

Everyone in business today understands the huge impact emerging technologies have made.

The amount of information requiring professional management continues to multiply. The media used to provide and receive this information are rapidly evolving and the effort required to successfully deliver technology solutions is ever increasing.

To find out more please visit Information Technology

Management consulting

Nexia Edwards Marshall understands the needs of your business. Whatever your stage of the business cycle – we are passionate about delivering value-added services to improve your business performance and help you achieve your objectives. 

We work with you to develop key business indicators and performance goals, enhance your business drivers and identify any potential weaknesses and risks. Together, we implement the necessary changes and business strategies required to grow your business and achieve your goals. 

We offer clients innovative ways of adding value that focus on creativity, ingenuity, and lateral thinking solutions. Our key advantage revolves around the agility and responsiveness to clients' needs that we bring to our working relationship, so that solutions are practical and scalable to ensure we deliver on our promises. 

Our Management Consulting services include:

  • analysis and re-design of workflows and processes in order to improve business management strategies and profitability
  • benchmarking
  • bookkeeping and outsourcing of the finance department including Virtual CFO
  • business process improvements and business re-engineering
  • cost savings and efficiency reviews
  • diagnostic analysis and evaluation of transactions and business processes including risk assessments and best practice recommendations
  • financial modelling, operational cost reviews including budgeting and various KPI and ratio analysis
  • management reporting and budgetary control reviews
  • operational and financial process improvement reviews including the advising and implementation of operational and organisational change
  • pricing services and costing applications for organisation and project evaluation
  • strategic planning and strategic reviews including the development of strategy or direction for whole-of-business.

New business start-up

Starting a new business can be exciting and daunting at the same time. You need to research the market, raise finance, establish contacts, find a location and possibly hire staff. 

Nexia Edwards Marshall has an established track record as a business growth advisor for businesses on the move. Our team provide solutions backed up with practical help for managing the unique challenges of the start-up phase of the business life cycle. The key areas in which we assist include: 

  • structuring for success – determining the best structure for you
  • registering – we can take the worry out of registering your business as required by national and state regulations
  • planning and budgeting – your roadmap to success. Our team can assist you in ensuring your business plan is realistic and workable
  • out with the shoe box – in with the accounting system – as your business growth advisor our team can assist you in selecting software that is simple, standardised and appropriate. Alternatively we can review your existing accounting system and recommend changes to ensure your system produces accurate and reliable financial reports. 

Whatever your industry, getting your business up and running requires the right advice and experience. If you have a great idea, and the passion to follow it through – Nexia Edwards Marshall can provide business growth and accounting solutions to help you succeed.


Comparison of suitable software for your business including by not limited to Xero, MYOB and Reckon.

OneLedger is our cloud based accounting solution. We offer a range of fully customisable cloud based account packages to meet your accounting, bookkeeping and compliance needs. Please see Cloud Accounting for more information.

Strategic planning

We all do it. We focus on what is right in front of us, right now and work away in our businesses to get things done. However, it is important to stop to consider and plan for future success by prioritising areas and allocating resources to peruse the long term strategy. But where do you start?

Nexia Edwards Marshall provides business owners with a team of professionals dedicated to examining business performance and assist implementing a plan to take it to the next level. Our commitment is working closely with you, to build an understanding of your business and provide expert assistance to make your business perform at its best. We have internal processes to document a user-friendly and results oriented unique strategic plan. 

We focus on your goals whether they be growth, margin, products, people, expansion or anything else and our services include:

  • brand positioning 
  • change management
  • employee performance improvement
  • exit strategy 
  • financial strategies
  • IT Roadmap
  • lead strategic planning sessions
  • operational and business transformation 
  • partnering your business with respected experts to move your business forward 
  • securing government assistance where possible 
  • strategic marketing plans 
  • structuring work teams 
  • SWOT analysis
  • vision, mission and goal setting 
  • working capital optimisation. 

Our team will apply the right processes to ensure that you know where your business is. We start working on priority issues that you have identified and assist in planning for the changes you require over time.


Advising the appropriate structure to own assets and businesses is crucial for many taxation reasons but more importantly for protecting existing and future wealth. The feasibility for family reasons and also for the potential entry and exit of other business partners may also be a consideration.

We can assist you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the following:

  • sole trader
  • partnership
  • discretionary trust
  • unit trust
  • companies.

There is no right or wrong answer and so you need to understand the reason for the ownership and structure given your circumstances.

Succession planning

One of the most significant stages for any business is planning for succession or transition. Regardless of the size of your business, your departure or retirement can impact considerably as the business and your family adjusts to changes, management decisions and new leadership. In order to maximise the result, forward planning is essential.

A solid, well-considered strategy is critical. Only then can you move on to your new phase of life, assured of maintaining your personal financial security as well as the future growth and performance of your business. Planning ahead will enable a smooth transition and pave the way for future success.

If you are a business owner, there are a number of transition options. You may decide to:

  • retain ownership but employ a short-term or long-term external manager
  • transfer ownership or management to another family member
  • sell part of, or all of, the business
  • transfer any commercial property used in the business to a self-managed superannuation fund
  • liquidate or wind up the business.

In every case, consideration must be given to valuation methodologies, tax implications, operational and legal issues, management succession, equity succession and estate planning. At the same time, you will want to avoid disrupting service delivery, cash flow and profitability. Whichever path is chosen, it helps to draw on the advice and experience of a business succession team who has been there before.

At Nexia Edwards Marshall we know that every situation is different, every business is unique and every family has their own personal objectives and business needs. Planning to move on from your business and transition to a new phase in your life can be difficult on many levels. Our understanding allows us to help you to take a step back and look at your circumstances from a big-picture perspective. Our experiences consulting skills will lead you through the issues

It is never too early to start building for your future.


Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) have become the leading avenue for people to take control of their retirement and receiving the right advice can make all the difference.

At Nexia Edwards Marshall we work with you to identify and tailor superannuation strategies to optimise your tax concessions and achieve your wealth accumulation goals. 

To find out more please visit Superannuation


Your ability to effectively interpret and address the frequent changes to Commonwealth and State tax law has a major impact on your business’ performance.

Nexia Edwards Marshall specialise in providing timely and proactive taxation advice to companies, directorships, trusts, superannuation funds and individuals. We offer a detailed and comprehensive service in examining the implications and consequences of taxation policy, keeping you abreast of all changes and assisting in the implementation of taxation strategies.

To find out more please visit Taxation


These valuations estimate the economic value of a business through the application of appropriate processes and procedures. Valuation can be vital when it involves buying or selling a business, resolving disputes over estate entitlements, divorce litigation and in many other business and legal instances.

To find out more please visit Business valuations

Virtual CFO

In today's fast paced business environment even small-to-medium-sized businesses can do with the expertise of a Chief Financial Officer, a luxury once afforded to large corporations. 

To find out more please visit Virtual CFO