We offer a full range of services within Forensic Accounting and would be happy to discuss how we can help you with:  


Financial investigations include:

  • reconstruction of accounting and business records, in some cases necessitated by fraud
  • analysis of financial records in connection with matters including corporate failures, acquisition and divestment transactions and causation
  • distillation and analysis of financial data for the purposes of quantifying loss or value.

Our Forensic Accounting team has worked on a significant number of assignments covering the assessment of economic loss arising from a wide range of activities and circumstances. We have reconstructed accounting records and financial statements of many organisation for various purposes, including fraud. This has often involved detailed analysis of accounting records and systems and the use of complex financial modelling.

Our team is also experienced in matters where claims have been made against accounting firms alleging negligent audits. These assignments have required an evaluation of professional services in the context of relevant requirements, including auditing and accounting standards.

Business valuations

These valuations estimate the economic value of a business through the application of appropriate processes and procedures. Valuation can be vital when it involves buying or selling a business, resolving disputes over estate entitlements, divorce litigation and in many other business and legal instances.

Our team has been involved in the valuation of small and medium-sized businesses with a variety of ownership structures. Businesses have included service providers, hoteliers, builders, vignerons, aged care providers, insurance companies, retail and wholesale traders and investment enterprises.

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Probity auditing

Nexia Edwards Marshall are leading providers of probity auditing services.

Probity is the evidence of ethical behaviour in a process and is commonly characterised by complete and confirmed integrity, uprightness and honesty.  Probity contributes to sound procurement processes that provide equal opportunities to all participants and is the responsibility of all persons involved in procurement, including any Evaluation Panel and external Advisors.

Nexia Edwards Marshall has extensive experience in providing probity auditing services to state and local government and large educational institutions. 

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Reporting and expert witness testimony

To enable lodgement in any court in Australia, reports compiled throughout the forensic accounting process must be prepared to a high standard and be both objective and reasoned.

The role of an expert witness is to present evidence and testimony to the court, and parties in dispute, as an objective third party. Our Forensic Accounting team has wide experience in this area.

Our opinion evidence has been sought in respect of:

  • accounting and audit negligence
  • the assessment of economic loss and damage
  • valuations of businesses and business entities
  • the reasonableness of pricing regimes.

Our senior people have published an extensive number of opinion reports and have given evidence in jurisdictions throughout Australia.