We offer a full range of services within the energy and resources sector and would be happy to discuss how we can help you with:  

Resource sector accounting and assurance services

It is important to keep abreast of changes impacting the industry and the wider economy. The energy and resources industry has its own compliance requirements and specific considerations in areas such as statutory and management accounting as well as performance reporting.

We can provide resources sector statutory and management accounting including:

  • oil and gas industry statutory accounting
  • business unit and joint venture accounting
  • virtual CFO and governance support
  • coverage of industry specific accounting and reporting issues such as impairment, depletion, production and reserves, royalty accounting
  • accounting for exploration and development expenditure
  • business planning and modelling incorporating budgeting, forecasting, portfolio management and facility economic analysis and financial reporting.

Production accounting and emissions reporting services

Production levels form a critical element of the operational performance of mining and resource companies in the production phase. As the complexity of joint venture and commercial arrangements increase, so does the requirement to maintain robust and accurate production and hydrocarbon accounting systems to ensure the accurate capture of information and to discharge obligations embodied in commercial or joint venture agreements.

Our energy and resources services team can provide professional advice and support with respect to:

  • production allocation and hydrocarbon accounting
  • production and emissions data capture and reporting
  • assistance and support with respect to the implementation and use of industry leading software.

Greenhouse and clean energy data systems and professional services

Compliance requirements in the area of greenhouse and emissions reporting continue to evolve, increasing the need for organisations to keep abreast of key changes. Additionally, it is important for organisations to ensure that relevant data capture systems are appropriately structured in accordance with the various reporting and statutory obligations.

We can provide professional advice and support with respect to:

  • development of data structures and data capture systems concerning greenhouse data capture and reporting
  • compliance with the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 and other applicable legislation for the Oil and Gas sector
  • professional services in the area of emissions cost compliance.

Portfolio modelling, forecasting and economic planning

Understanding the economic drivers of your portfolio is critical in ensuring that scarce resources are appropriately directed to the activities that will drive strong business performance. Strong portfolio modelling forms the basis of effective forecasting and economic planning.

We can provide professional advice and support with respect to:

  • portfolio definition and optimisation
  • short term and long term forecasting
  • economic analysis based on appropriate criteria for your business.