Feb 22, 2022 / News

Liabilities - current or non-current? That is the question

Companies have for many years struggled to correctly classify certain bank loans and borrowings as either current or non-current liabilities. Read more

Financial Reporting

Feb 22, 2022 / News

(Almost) forgotten anti-avoidance rule is about to get your attention

Anyone with trusts in their affairs needs to be mindful of several anti-avoidance regimes. We discuss one in particular that could have the widest application. Read more

Business Consulting / Taxation

Jan 21, 2022 / News

New moves at Nexia Edwards Marshall

Nexia Edwards Marshall has appointed Raoul Stevenson and Paul Dimasi as Partners. Read more

great people

Jan 12, 2022 / News

Business Structures - Service Trusts for Medical Professionals

Is your medical business structured in the most tax effective manner? Eliza from the Health Care team touches on the use of service trusts and the tax benefits they offer. Read more

Health / Taxation

Jan 12, 2022 / News

Professional Services Income (PSI) - Impact on Medical Professionals

Have you ever wondered why you can’t split your income from your medical practice to your spouse? Lachlan from the Health Team discusses Professional Service Income and how it impacts you. Read more

Health / Taxation

Nov 24, 2021 / News

Financial Reporting Changes for Charities

The financial reporting thresholds for charities reporting to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) have now been increased, providing relief to thousands of charities, whilst also requiring Key Management Personnel remuneration and related party disclosures. Read more

Financial Reporting / Not for Profit

Nov 04, 2021 / News

Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec (WGA)

Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec (WGA) is an Australian-owned, multi-disciplinary, award-winning engineering and project management company. Nexia Edwards Marshall has been alongside WGA the entire way in some capacity, offering its services since the company's inception. Read more

Business Consulting / Clients

Nov 04, 2021 / News

Superannuation Benefits and Binding Nominations

Superannuation death benefits have recently been receiving media coverage; particularly in relation to a former Victorian Magistrate, Rodney Higgins, who was engaged to a woman named Ashleigh Petrie. Read more


Nov 04, 2021 / News

How can the Export Market Develop Grant help grow your business?

The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) programme encourages small to medium businesses to increase their international marketing and promotion expenditure. If your business is planning to expand by exporting internationally, you might be eligible for the EMDG. Read more

Business Consulting

Nov 04, 2021 / News

Back to Business in Australia

With the anticipated re-opening of our national border getting tantalisingly closer, furloughed cross-border business opportunities are coming back on the agenda. Read more


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