Oct 22, 2021 / News

Director Identification Numbers – It’s time!

From 1 November 2021 new directors will have only 28 days to apply for their Director ID. Read more

Business Consulting / Taxation

Aug 04, 2021 / News

Massive penalties apply for paying superannuation late

Late payment of super can lead to penalties equal to 200% of the amount of superannuation payable. Read more

Superannuation / Taxation

Aug 04, 2021 / News

New year brings opportunities and risks

Well, what a year it was. With two Federal Budgets, one recession, one recovery, and a pandemic – the latter two still in progress – we may well be happy to see the end of 2020-21. But as we look forwards, there is still a long way to go. Read more

Business Consulting / Taxation

May 12, 2021 / News

Guide to the Federal Budget 2021

As we now allow ourselves the indulgence of thinking about a post-pandemic world, the goal of the 2021 Federal Budget is to support our economic recovery. Read more

Business Consulting / Taxation

Mar 19, 2021 / News

FBT Year End Planner - Ideas and possibilities for your business

Ideas and possibilities for your business Read more

Business Consulting / FBT / Taxation

Feb 12, 2021 / News

We don’t live in a high-taxing country. It just feels like we do

Many of us think of ourselves as living in a high-taxing country. However, the reality is that we don’t. With a total tax-take across all three tiers of government of about 31 per cent of GDP, we’re actually around the middle. (A bit below, in fact.) You might struggle to believe that. The reason perhaps is that it doesn’t feel like we live in a lower-than-average taxing country. Now, that’s a mystery worth solving. Read more


Feb 09, 2021 / News

Property Update: Holiday Rentals and Vacant Land Changes

COVID-19 has seen more people enjoy holidays locally, this means rental holiday homes are also being used for personal use more than ever. Due to recent changes in tax legislation, they may no longer be 100% tax-deductible. Read more

Property and Construction / Taxation

Feb 02, 2021 / News

SA Land Tax Update 2021

If you haven’t already received your 2020/21 SA land tax assessments, a second round has just been dispatched by Revenue SA. Read more

Land Tax / Taxation

Feb 01, 2021 / News

Trap for the unadvised denies a deduction for interest

A recent case serves as a reminder that poorly structured investments can cause unnecessary tax grief. It’s unnecessary because avoiding the grief is relatively straightforward. The case reflects a common scenario such as this: Read more


Dec 21, 2020 / News

NEMTV: What business owners should consider over Christmas

Watch Rob Prime discuss the key considerations when business planning. Read more

Business Consulting / Healhcare / Taxation

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