Aug 14, 2023 / News

How iron ore plays a big part in our economy

Iron ore has been the backbone of the Australian economy and many investment portfolios for much of the 21st century. Read more

Financial Planning / Investment Planning

Aug 14, 2023 / News

The automotive industry sparking up with electric vehicles

With electric vehicles fast overtaking petrol driven cars in sales in Australia, what are the considerations for the industry, the environment, and consumers? Read more

Financial Planning / Help Saving / Smart Savings

Jul 14, 2023 / News

Making conscious the unconscious for better decisions

When you’re faced with a decision, do you trust your feelings or do you look at the situation objectively, making a careful list of pros and cons? Emotions exert a strong influence on our decisions, so it’s important to have a bit of balance between reason and emotion – particularly when it comes to the big decisions in life. Read more

FInancial Awareness / Financial Planning

Jul 14, 2023 / News

Managing the costs of raising children

It is a special feeling to welcome a new child or grandchild into the world and watch them grow. Sharing their joy as they reach new milestones is priceless. Having a financial strategy in place to cover the costs and taking advantage of government support where available can make a big difference. Read more

Financial Planning / Preparing Financially For A Family / Superannuation

Jul 14, 2023 / News

Will these super changes affect you?

As our superannuation balances grow larger, it makes more sense than ever to keep track of the many rules changes that have recently happened or are coming up soon. Here we outline the latest changes in case they affect you. Read more

Financial Planning / Superannuation / Tax and Superannuation

Jun 21, 2023 / News

Sowing the seeds for a happy retirement

The thought of retirement is an enticing one for many of us. Imagine throwing off the shackles of the workforce and being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want. But why wait until you are retired to do the things you love? Read more

Financial Planning / Retirement Planning

Jun 21, 2023 / News

Who needs a testamentary trust?

The rising cost of living is grabbing all the attention right now as people struggle to pay the increasing prices. But in the meantime, our collective wealth has been growing steadily and is being transferred to the next generation at increasing rates. In fact, the value of inheritances as well as gifts to family and friends has doubled over the past two decades. Read more

Financial Planning / Testamentary Trust

Jun 21, 2023 / News

Setting yourself up for success in the new financial year

The start of a new financial year is the perfect time to get your financial affairs in order. Whether it's tidying up your paperwork, assessing your portfolio or dealing with outstanding issues, there are plenty of practical actions you can take. Here are some strategies for starting the new financial year on the right foot. Read more

End of Financial Year / Financial Planning

Mar 08, 2023 / News

Effective Estate Planning – what you need to know

It’s hardly surprising. The first thing most Australians think of when the subject of Estate Planning comes up is their Will. It’s also surprising that when asked, one in four people tell me that they do not have a Will! Read more

Financial Planning

Nov 22, 2022 / News

Responsible investing – making money and doing good

There is no doubt that interest in responsible investments is growing. It is an area that continues to gain momentum as investors seek to align their investment objectives with their own personal values and ethics. Read more

Financial Planning

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