Doing business in Australia

Two things are certain about international expansion – it’s always exciting and it’s constantly challenging. No matter how good you are at what you do in your home environment, coming to grips with a foreign country's operating and regulatory environment can be daunting. 

Getting the right guidance from the very beginning and knowing that the advice is relevant to your business is crucial to ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing success.  

What makes us great?

Nexia Edwards Marshall operates as an independent member of Nexia Australia, which means we have skills and expertise, not just in Adelaide but also across Australia – in Canberra (Australia’s capital city), Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney. We’re also part of the Nexia International network of independent accounting and consulting firms.

We are progressive and supply a wide range of services, including expert accounting, audit, financial planning and management and tax services to most industries.

Our staff are actively involved with the Australia Chinese Business Council and we have experienced accountants who speak Mandarin and many other languages.

How does this help you to be great?

Our experience in and knowledge of the national and local economies can help your business succeed in Australia. You will receive quality business solutions from a trusted advisor who understands not only the accounting side of the equation but also the Australian culture, local industries, the geography and how business is done.


We can provide wide-ranging and personalised advice, incorporating: 

  • asset protection
  • business structuring
  • expatriate taxation and salary packaging
  • government incentives
  • local and international tax consequences
  • employer obligations
  • ongoing compliance obligations
  • repatriation of profit to your home country
  • securing licences and permits
  • succession planning
  • transfer pricing and withholding tax issues.

You are welcome to download our Doing Business in Australia guide here.