Doing business Overseas

Our International Solutions team, together with our global network are here to help you reach global markets. We work with you to ensure you have all the local insight and knowledge you need to ensure your overseas expansion is a success.

For your business to succeed in a foreign environment, you need a team that can work with you to provide professional financial and business advice on an international level, with local insight and knowledge. This is where Nexia Edwards Marshall can help.

You’re ready to take the steps to expand your business internationally. Your business is at the right stage of development, you have identified overseas markets and you are ready for the challenge. It’s now time to address the financial regulations and compliance requirements of the country you are heading to. International expansion has the potential to take your business to the next level – but it can also be complex and unpredictable.

What makes us great?

Nexia Edwards Marshall is a member of Nexia International - a network of independent professional accounting firms with global representation. Collectively progressive and global in our thinking, we are consistent in quality and service excellence wherever you do business.

International Solutions provides you with region-specific insight and business compliance advice and the strategies and measures you need to minimise the potential pitfalls of an unfamiliar financial environment.

How does this help you to be great? 

Our Nexia affiliation, with over 590 member firms in 105 countries, provides you with the professional connections, advice and solutions you need to maximise business opportunities – wherever you are.


We can provide comprehensive and personalised advice, incorporating: 

  • assisting foreign businesses and branches to establish local operations
  • banking and financing
  • business practices
  • corporate regulations
  • cross-border taxation issues
  • expansion
  • local indirect taxes
  • outbound transactions
  • recruitment
  • relocating employees.