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Eliza is a Senior Manager in Nexia Edwards Marshall’s Business Consulting and Taxation divisions.

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Eliza is passionate about assisting clients with their strategic and taxation needs, with a key focus on those operating in the healthcare industry. Alongside her strong strategic and technical skills, Eliza’s able to form strong client relationships through her attention to detail, personable nature and effective communication skills.


•   Business Consulting

•   Financial Reporting

•   Business Restructuring

•   Consolidations

•   Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

Eliza has a keen interest in the healthcare industry, with a background and multiple qualifications in the health sector that allow her to have the knowledge of business intricacies and challenges facing those in the health industry.  
Eliza is also the financial delegate (director) on a board in the health and not-for-profit industry. In this position, she oversees the financial management of the organisation and is involved with the strategic direction and business development of the organisation.

Business Consulting

Eliza assists clients with the day-to-day operations of their business including cash flow management, budget analysis and monthly management reports, as well as providing them with annual tax and financial reporting services. Eliza has a wealth of knowledge that she uses to assist many clients with management and board reporting, GST considerations, cash flow management and business efficiencies.


Eliza is proficient at undertaking market research to benchmark performance for clients. This enables them to measure their business against others in their industry and identify key areas in which potential efficiencies can be achieved.
Benchmarking gives clients the opportunity to have a full business review across various aspects of performance, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, gaps and opportunities. This lays the foundation for a road map action plan to enact change.

Management Reporting

Eliza can produce both dashboard reports and monthly management reports, which includes providing reports for boards to analyse and track organisational performance.

Formal qualifications

•   Master of Professional Accounting,The University of South Australia

•   Member, Chartered Accountants Australian and New Zealand

•   Master of Public Health – Translational Health, The University of Adelaide

•   Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and Science, The University of Otago



Eliza’s experience is varied, allowing her to assist clients with thoughtful analysis and interpretation in most areas of their business.


Restructure and consolidation

Process and outcome

Assisted a client with their restructure and tax consolidation. Research was undertaken regarding the CGT concessions available to the client including Div. 615 and s 124M rollovers. Assisted multiple clients with business restructures and acquisitions in both Australia and New Zealand.


Assisted a client with a proposed acquisition.

Process and outcome

Undertook market research and benchmarking for the client to understand how they placed in their industry. This assisted the client in their negotiations with the proposed acquirer.


Productivity reporting.

Process and outcome

Assisted a client in the health industry with productivity reporting regarding staff performance to ensure a high level of service delivery was maintained.