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As Nexia Edwards Marshall’s Marketing Manager, Marie is responsible for developing and implementing online marketing initiatives for the firm and its clients.

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Marie Skrodzki nee Logan
t: +61 8 8139 1114
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Marie strives to ensure that any digital initiatives integrate with her clients’ overarching corporate strategy, particularly through supporting an organisation’s strategic intent. Due to her accounting background she emphasises the importance of measuring the return on investment and on finding solutions which drive real results.

Marie is a Director of the Norwood Football Club and YMCA South Australia, for both she was seconded onto the Board to fulfil a skills gap in digital marketing and marketing more generally.

She is also a former member of the Australian Marketing Institute State Advisory Committee SA, former treasurer of the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising 30 Below South Australian Branch and former council member of the City of Campbelltown.

Professional expertise


A strategic approach and focus on return on investment maximise the results Marie’s clients achieve through their online presence. She knows the digital space intimately and, working with clients across industries of various types and sizes, uses her breadth of knowledge to ensure the right strategy is developed – and executed – to suit each business. 

Social media

Marie’s passion lies in social media. In dealing with a broad portfolio of clients she has developed a thorough understanding of how social media can be skilfully used within an organisation to achieve tangible results. She also is honest about which digital platforms are best for individual clients, so they don’t waste valuable resources on unproductive pursuits.

Email marketing

This form of communication can be a great revenue generator, and Marie knows which strategies get the best results. With successful email marketing requiring a solid knowledge of Australia’s privacy legislation, Marie, in her role as Nexia Edwards Marshall’s Privacy Officer, is fully aware of the risks as well as the rewards.

Formal qualifications

Marie holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Marketing from the University of Adelaide and is an Associate Member of the Australian Marketing Institute.


With a sharp focus on developing solid, successful strategies to enhance clients’ online presence, Marie constantly researches the rapidly changing digital domain to identify current trends and best practice. As her knowledge expands, so do her clients’ businesses.


Provide support and strategic advice to clients with existing marketing personnel looking to maximise their online presence.

Process and outcome

Marie makes expert assessments of the online aspects of business initiatives and day-to-day operations. Her extensive knowledge and experience enable her to develop ideas, provide alternative solutions – or outline possible risks – so a well-informed decision can be made.


Manage clients’ online presence, including website, social media and email marketing.

Process and outcome

Marie works with businesses to develop a solid strategy that reflects their brand and objectives. The clients save time and resources by outsourcing their online ‘face’ to experts who can ensure they are successfully connecting with their audience. Accountability is crucial when outsourcing, so clients are updated regularly to prove their online presence is working successfully. Under this model, clients can choose how much, or how little, they want to be involved.


Report to clients on their online presence and provide recommendations

Process and outcome

Marie’s accounting experience means her clients receive top-quality reporting and analytics to measure the success of their online presence, as well as recommendations on ways to be even more successful. She emphasises to all clients that they should dedicate resources only to online activities that are providing value for money.