At Nexia Edwards Marshall we know only too well the risks and opportunities of the diverse agribusiness landscape.

For decades we’ve guided our clients through the challenges of variable commodity prices, the ups and downs of interest rates and relentlessly unpredictable weather.

Our expertise is in dealing with the financial implications of the bad times and the good, and we’re always on hand with the best information to make the multitude of decisions our clients make every year.

How we can help you be great

Business Consulting

Some of our clients are the largest in the business – and some are pretty small. Regardless of the size of your property or operation, our Business Consulting team is right with you.

We like the people and we like the variety of work agribusiness provides.

Succession planning is a common issue and we are taskmasters at successful transitions. We’ve also helped with some of the largest farm clearing sales in South Australia.

Forensic Accounting

Our Forensic Accounting and valuation specialists have tackled projects involving broad-acre farming, viticulture, forestry, managed investment schemes and agribusiness-related activities in abattoirs and wineries.

Lending and Finance

The Nexia Edwards Marshall finance team are often the one constant for clients facing the vagaries of working with the seasons. They know where to go and how best to arrange financing for machinery and specialist agricultural products.


We keep on top of tax issues and business opportunities while our clients concentrate on what they do best.

It’s our job to make sure you know what you need to know about relevant schemes and programs, stamp duty concessions and specific tax laws, like the Wine Equalisation Tax.

What’s more, we really enjoy getting out to visit our country-based clients. It helps us better understand their business – and we like their company!