Historically, wholesalers are located closer to the markets they supply than to where the product came from.

However, the advent of the Internet and electronic procurement has seen an increasing number of wholesalers locate nearer manufacturers in China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

This has advantages and disadvantages for wholesaling companies – and Nexia Edwards Marshall helps its clients deal with both.

How we can help you be great

Business Consulting

We can review your business and accounting procedures and suggest ways to improve efficiency.

We can also advise on more complex issues, such as group structuring, GST, employment taxes, and even cross-border transactions. 

Our Nexia affiliates in other countries can be called on to assist in a range of taxation and importation/exportation issues.

Digital Strategy

The wholesale space is both interesting and unique, and operating successfully means finding a special balance between promoting your products and not competing with your stockists.

We’ll help you develop an online marketing approach that allows your brand to promote itself without causing issues further down the supply chain.

We can also show you how to communicate better with online stockists to make sure your message is being delivered efficiently and effectively.   

Forensic Accounting

Nexia Edwards Marshall’s forensic accountants have wide expertise in litigation, expert testimony and business valuations in the wholesale sector. 

We have been engaged in a range of matters involving claims for damages – as a result of the termination of distribution and related rights, and the valuation of wholesalers.

Lending and Finance

Drawing on the relationships we have with a broad range of lenders, our specialists can help you with borrowings and other financial requirements – trade finance or foreign currency transactions included.