Nexia Edwards Marshall has a mix of clients in both traditional and online retailing.

We understand the idiosyncrasies of both worlds and we make it our business to stay on top of industry trends, changes and challenges.

The increase in popularity of e-commerce has created huge disruption, but it also offers exciting new possibilities.

How we can help you be great

Business Consulting

If your business owns or manages multiple stores, we’ll prepare departmental accounts to help you identify those that are performing and those that need attention or action. Our aim is to give you the information you need to make well-informed decisions about all sorts of issues, including staff, stock and location.

We offer regular – monthly or quarterly – accounting reports so your finger is on the pulse of the performance of your business, and then we’ll tailor reporting to suit your changing needs.

We can also review your business model and provide insights into possible alternative sales channels. 

Digital Strategy

An online presence is essential these days, even if you’re a traditional retailer.

Consumers differ and so do selling methods – and what works online for one retailer might not work for another. We focus on research and analytics to ensure you’re speaking directly to your target audience.

And because we’re an accounting firm, we’ll always be focused on what’s generating sales, not just how many ‘likes’ or website clicks you’re getting.

Forensic Accounting

Our Forensic Accounting team has a string of successful retail projects to its credit.

We’ve worked for large mixed goods retailers, motor vehicle dealerships, pharmacies, solar suppliers and electrical retailers on everything from alleged fraud to business valuations and the reconstruction of financial records.

Lending and Finance

Strong relationships with financiers means our Lending and Finance specialists can be real assets to our retail clients when it comes to borrowing, banking and such things as the provision of merchant facilities.


The Nexia Edwards Marshall tax team advises our retail clients on income tax compliance requirements, GST-related matters and employment taxes.

We’ve developed specific expertise in the implications of importing or exporting items overseas, a practice we’re finding increasingly common in the global economy.