Nexia Edwards Marshall has worked right across the healthcare industry.

We listen to your aspirations, recognise your unique professional pressures and understand what is important to your business.

We can help you create, improve and sustain your organisation’s performance.  

How we can help you be great

Audit and Assurance

We’ve been providing assurance services to the healthcare sector for many years.

We’ve carried out audits of South Australian private hospitals and so we are well placed to ensure that we meet your audit requirements.

Business Consulting

Our healthcare industry clients often place strong emphasis on asset protection and tax minimisation. 

It’s our job to ensure the best structures are in place to maximise these opportunities. We’ll develop short and long-term plans that take into account all your goals – and help you plan for expansion, succession or the sale of your business.

Forensic Accounting

Our forensic team has assisted our healthcare clients with complex issues. We’ve been involved in actions relating to solvency, damages for economic loss, and due diligence work to determine the earn-out payment for the sale of a medical research business. 

A number of healthcare providers have engaged us to value their business.

Lending and Finance

The Nexia Edwards Marshall finance team is on hand to meet the business and personal lending needs of healthcare businesses.

Whether your purchase is equipment, commercial premises or a residential home, we can provide professional and convenient service at no cost.

We can broker a loan of up to 90 per cent of the value of a residential property, with interest-only repayments and no lender’s mortgage insurance.


It’s our business to know the ins and outs of all areas of taxation, including GST and Fringe Benefits Tax.

Some areas of the healthcare industry attract valuable concessions, so we develop salary sacrifice arrangements to make the most of them.