Property and Construction

Nexia Edwards Marshall has a long and proven track record in the property and construction industry, having served clients ranging from large-scale developers, building contractors and suppliers through to fund managers and individual investors.

Our specialist knowledge and key insights into this dynamic and changeable sector means we can offer up-to-date, expert advice.

We have a thorough understanding of industry standards and appreciate the often complex issues our clients face. Our solid network of experts, specialist consultants and dedicated resources ensures we deliver a total property service, regardless of the size of our clients or what they do in the industry.

How we can help you be great

Business Consulting

Our Business Consulting team can help you improve your business’s profitability, reduce risk through strategic planning, and assist with budgeting, cash flow forecasting and the careful analysis of financial reports.

Our aim is to support you by providing you with the skills and strategies to achieve your goals.

We can provide support with the initial set up of your business, the implementation of growth strategies and, ultimately, in its sale, or your exit, with the right succession plan in place. We’ll make sure its structure is designed to achieve goals you set.

Forensic Accounting

Our Forensic Accounting division has years of collective experience in:

  • insolvency opinions
  • breach of contract
  • delay
  • financial reconstruction
  • the measurement of damages
  • compliance with financial reporting standards. 

We are particularly adept at analysing financial statements and the financial effects of property and construction contracts.

Lending and Finance

Whether you’re undertaking a large-scale development or building your dream home, our lending specialists can begin by arranging finance and then support you through the entire project.

The support is the same if you’re buying an established property for residential or commercial purposes. What’s more, we can provide a comprehensive valuation report on either your current, or prospective, residential property, at no cost.


There’s no area of taxation we can’t tackle. Importantly, for our property and construction industry clients, we have extensive experience in tax-effective structures, the application of the GST Margin Scheme for property developments, and getting the most from Capital Gains Tax concessions. 

Please download our Property and Construction brochure here.